Congratulations to BRC Graduants

As the Unimas Convocation goes into the climax of events today, we at Bunga Raya Cafe remembers our BRC graduants fondly.

We salute and congratulate you in your successful completion of your Unimas degree and savor the fruits of your 3 to 4 years here. You deserve it and we wish you all the best in your next steps into the working life or for some of you, a graduate program.

Do pop by BRC when you can and share your success with us sometime soon.

Again, congratulations and all the best in your future endeavors!!!

With love from
BRC Management and Staff

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Mee Java – Best!

BRC has started serving Mee Java for those of you who wants to try something different.

At RM3, it is the cheapest Mee Java in town, not to say the best too!

Don’t believe what we say. Come taste it and see what you say!

It’s going fast now… don’t delay.

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Ice Blended – New at BRC

Many of you have tried out the ICE BLENDED drinks.

Try the all time favorite DOUBLE CHOC MOCHA. Then, there are TRIPLE CHOC and BANANA CHOC for variation.

There are new ones every now and then. It is especially good when the days are hot.

Fruity ice blended, anybody?

See you soon!

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Cheapest Sarawak Laksa in Town

BRC has just opened up a Sarawak Laksa counter. Come one, come all! Try it out.

It is the best value for money. At RM3 per bowl, students have claimed that it is the best and cheapest Sarawak Laksa in town.

After all, when you can get great food at BRC, why bother with other places?

Check it out fast!

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Containers at BRC

Welcome back to Unimas and BRC for the 2012 Fall Semester. We trust you are all geared up for a great semester with all the challenges of your courses ahead.

As many of you are new to BRC, it will be good to reiterate the Unimas container policy that was set out earlier this year. Please read our blog entry on this for February.

In line with Unimas going GREEN, all eateries in Unimas must comply with the stated policy of not using polystyrene containers. The official notice can be found inside BRC for your perusal.

All students are encouraged to bring your own containers instead. For those of you who may forget to bring them and wish to do a takeaway, BRC offers plastic containers at 50 sen each. You are encouraged to wash them and re-use them next time you come to BRC.

You don’t have to buy the plastic container every time you “ta pau” your food at BRC. We don’t make any money on them and don’t wish to do so at all. Please bring your own containers or re-use these plastic ones.

Thank you for your support and continued patronage.

See you all at BRC soon!

p/s Some of you have highlighted that other eateries don’t do this and still use polystyrene containers. So why is BRC wanting to charge 50 sen for the plastic containers?

The answer is simple. BRC complies with Unimas GREEN policy and instructions. The cost of the plastic containers is 50 sen. And you don’t have to buy them. BYO next time. Save your 50 sen for food and drinks. After all, saving 50 sen a day can give you a free meal in a week. Why don’t we do our part to saving the Earth eco system?

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BRC Breakfast Special

BRC has a special early morning menu starting this week.

Today, there will be Nasi Lemak Biasa and Mee Jawa.

Come try out the new menu and enjoy an early morning breakfast from 7 am onwards.

Down it with a hot the tarik or a cold teh-c special.

Nothing like a good breakfast before classes.

So come all of you and check out BRC in the mornings.

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Burger and Burger and a John

The BRC Cafe has a new attraction in the likes of a Burger Joint. Now BRC students can enjoy burgers and a John in the evenings from now on.

The Burger Joint is an instant hit amongst the students. In our modern day of fast food, we can’t seem to shake our craving for a good burger.

Indeed, the BRC Burger Joint serves one of the best burgers this part of Kuching. In fact, there are no rivals to the taste and speed at which they are served. Besides, you get the black pepper sauce in every burger, something you will never find outside of Unimas (for now).

The basic burgers of just egg, chicken or beef are available. Of course, we do call it the Egg Banjo in case you thought we forgot.

And not to mention the variations. Beef with cheese and Chicken with cheese.

For the most discerning, the ultimate Beef with cheese and egg as well as Chicken with cheese and egg.

Every now and then, BRC Cafe will serve up the Super Burger. Now this is an extra large pattie that is menacingly large. It is for the really hungry. But who in BRC is not hungry after a day of classes, tutorials, labs and exercise? :p

You have been wondering what in the world were we referring to by John. Yes, he’s our Head Chef at BRC Cafe but as part of the Burger Joint menu, there is now the Roti John (not related to Chef John in any way except his style).

This Roti John is an all time favorite that is served in an 8-inch long bun combined with the John filling of a whipped egg and either minced chicken or beef. Topped up with chilli, mayo, onion, coleslaw and a dash of black pepper sauce.

Indeed, this is a hot favorite literally speaking. You get it served piping hot!

So stop reading this post and come on down now to BRC Cafe and indulge in the new hot burgers and Roti John.

Don’t forget the Teh-C Special to wash down the grub!


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